XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF)

XPEL is an invisible and self-healing protection for your car to keep your cars paint in perfect shape for many years. Another big advantage is the hydrophobic effect of the PPF which makes it very easy to clean. PPF is available in matte or glossy finish and it protects your car against: 

  • stone damage 
  • scratches
  • uv-light 
  • tar
  • bird droppings

At Frijns Unlimited, we install XPEL in a dust-free room equipped with a dust filter. We also use steam when installing the PPF to ensure perfect adhesion to your car. 

With the Front Package we make sure that alle crucial "stone damage areas" are protected. We then install the PPF on the following parts: Engine hood, Front bumper, Fenders, A-pillars and front of the roof, Headlights and the Mirrors.

Of course, this package can be expanded by protecting more parts of your car, such as the Rear Wheel Impact Area, Side Skirts or Interior protection. 

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