Carpro Retyre - 500 ML

€ 12.95
incl 21% VAT

ReTyre is specifically designed to clean rubber material from accumulated contamination, old tire dressings, and antioxidants responsible for browning, to give you a fresh new tyre look and prepare the surface to apply BlackOut, Perl or your favourite tire dressing. 

The high pH foaming action combined with brush agitation pulls the contamination out of the pores of the rubber for a deep clean. ReTyre can also be used for cleaning most modern wheels with clear coat.

  1. Rinse tyres with high pressure water to remove loose dirt. 
  2. Spray ReTyre generously onto the rubber, let it foam and dwell for 30 seconds. 
  3. Spray onto a medium hard brush and agitate ReTyre on the rubber thoroughly. 
  4. Rinse the rubber and the brush thoroughly. 
  5. Repeat until suds on the rubber are white. 


Do not let the product dry on wheels or any other surface. Do not use on sensitive surfaces or finishes. If ReTyre drips onto wheel surfaces, dilute that area with water.

€ 12.95
incl 21% VAT

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