Wheel Woolie 12" Spoke Brush

€ 23.50
incl 21% VAT

The Wheel Woolies Caliper Spoke Brush is a curved rim brush. The car brush is very similar to the original Wheel Woolie, but this one has a 45-degree curved head. The rim brush is made of extremely durable and soft fibers. It is known for its very high quality and powerful, yet safe cleaning. The wash brush is also safe for cleaning all types of rims. They hold a tremendous amount of water and car shampoo and also splash much less than other brushes! 

The Caliper Spoke Brush is a great product for easily reaching the back of the spokes of rims. But also for other similar places that are hard to reach such as calipers. The car brush is 100% metal free, made of the very best quality wool and flexible. This makes cleaning these hard-to-reach places a lot easier! 

The handle features a sturdy, red rubber grip.

Features Wheel Woolies Set from Braun 

  • Safe for any rim 
  • Super strong and durable 
  • High quality polypropylene fibers, ultra soft 
  • Completely free of metal 
  • Versatile in use: rims, brake calipers, grills, engine compartments, door rebates,... 
  • Curved with a 45° angle. This gives access to all kinds of hard-to-reach places 
  • Material: high quality wool & rubber handle
  • Color: black and red
€ 23.50
incl 21% VAT

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