Carpro Trix - 500 ML

€ 17,74
incl 21% VAT

Blending the iron removing power of IronX with the tar-dissolving capabilities of TarX. 

CARPRO TriX combines your vehicle decontamination needs into a single effective product. Perfect for time-pressed enthusiasts or professional detailers, TriX’s pH-balanced (pH-7) formula safely dissolves both organic and inorganic fallout in 1-step; thus streamlining the detailing process and saving time and money on full details. TriX is ideal for use on most vehicle surfaces and is a customer favorite for the rapid deep cleaning of alloy wheels. 

  1. Shake well before each spray. 
  2. Spray on and wait 5-7 min while contaminants change color. 
  3. Agitate with damp soft sponge or detailing brush. 
  4. Wash surface thoroughly with car shampoo and rinse with water.
€ 17,74
incl 21% VAT

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