Carpro Release - 500 ML

€ 11.74
incl 21% VAT

Sometimes the pursuit of practicality and efficiency leads you to completely new discoveries. We’re happy to introduce CARPRO Release – our first wax-based nano-sealant dedicated to the protection of fresh ceramic coatings during their drying period. 

Release is designed primarily for busy detailing studios and impatient detailers, who want to avoid the pains of ceramic coating drying times. Every coating requires a period of time, when water contact, bugs, and bird bombs have to be avoided. CARPRO Release mitigates that by protecting the coating, allowing freshly coated cars to fully dry without the wait. 

Release couldn’t be any simpler to apply, and it can also be used as a standalone quick detailer! How’s your work efficiency‘

€ 11.74
incl 21% VAT

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