CARPRO Ceramic Coating

The CARPRO Ceramic Coating is the most innovative permanent paint seal. Unlike a wax coating, it does NOT wash away, A Ceramic Coating makes the surface of your car's paint easier to clean, thanks to it's highly hydrophobic surface. When properly maintained, a Ceramic Coating has a life span of up to 5 years. If you come by once a year for a Fresh Up Treatment, you even have life-long warranty. 

Advantages of a Ceramic Coating:

  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Extra dirt and water repellent (hydrophobic)
  • Durable and non-removable by washing or degreasing
  • Protection against weather conditions, animal remains, insects, UV-radiation, acid rain, salt, etc.

We also offer Ceramic Coatings for your brake calipers, rims and windows. 

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