BMW and BMW M Cars - dAHler Power Pedal Standard

€ 338.80
incl 21% VAT

The dAHler Power Pedal Box can be installed in all BMW and BMW M Cars and is ready for use immediately after installation and will give your BMW an approx. 10% quicker acceleration.

This  Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box is a direct plug in to the existing (OEM) engine harness at the gas pedal. There are only POSITIVES.

Selected optimization mode of the dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box can be read at a glance as it is visualizing with a clear LED program and the device always remembers the last driver’s setting even after an engine stop.

Controlling of the Power Pedal via cable by using the keypad.

Optimized control signals also offer significant fuel savings depending on the driving mode of your BMW or BMW M.

The dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box doesn’t give you any more engine power but it makes the vehicle feel a lot more responsive and instead of pushing the gas pedal all the way into the carpet to get maximum engine performance power of your BMW or BMW M car, with the dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal Box you can push the pedal halfway down and your BMW or BMW M car will accelerate like you had it all the way down.


  • Adjustable at 18 different characteristic lines 10% quicker in acceleration
  • Improves the response of your BMW immediately after installation
  • Quick Plug & Play Installation
  • Compatible with all BMW driving modes
  • Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
  • Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
  • Made in Germany
  • Worldwide 3-year product warranty
  • In modern BMW and BMW M cars when you step on the throttle, you’re not moving a linkage anymore. You’re actually sending a signal to a computer (BMW engine ECU) and most of these new vehicles have a lot of what is termed dead pedal. You step on the pedal and it takes one or two inches of travel before anything happens in the vehicle. When you install the dAHLer Performance Tuning Power Pedal for BMW and BMW M cars, an advanced plug-in device, right by the gas pedal, it improves the response of your car immediately.
€ 338.80
incl 21% VAT

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