BMW X6 M Competition F96 - Complete Wheel and Tire Set

High-class dAHLer light alloy wheel and tire sets in 21 inches for your BMW X6 M Competition F96 stand for innovation and individuality and therefore are dAHLer wheel and tire sets the perfect match and the complete solution for modern BMW cars such as the BMW X6 M Competition F96 and the real enthusiast who likes to think individually.


  • Individual design and only available for BMW and BMW M cars
  • Engineered and tested to work perfectly with modern BMW cars
  • Wheel and tire packages come with high-class Michelin or Continental tires
  • Great longevity, material quality and durability
  • German TUV tested and approved
  • Comes with TUV Part Approval


  • Bronze Light
  • Bronze Dark Matte
  • Edition Gray Gloss
  • Pearl Gray Gloss
  • Pearl Gray Matte
  • Black Gloss
  • Black Matte

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