BMW M4 Convertible G83 - dAHler Engine Performance Tuning with App control (510 Hp)

€ 2,528.90
incl 21% VAT

Max HP gain:
102 hp / 75 kW

Max Torque gain:
100 Nm / 66 ft-lbs

Standard power:
510 hp (375 kW)
650 Nm (479 ft-lbs)

Enhanced power:
612 hp (450 kW)
750 Nm (545 ft-lbs)

Developed in Switzerland and quality Made in Germany – Our tune works with cars before and after production 06/2020 ! 

Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for the new BMW M4 Competition Convertible G83 integrates flawlessly to extract maximum power and torque without faults and errors – just flawless. The harness has OEM style plugs to connect in-line with each boost pressure sensor, camshaft position sensor and rail pressure sensor on the engine.

Controlling of the dAHLer Engine Performance Upgrade via your smartphone is just one of the awesome features of our tuning module. With our tuning module you have the option to choose your own and fully customizable driving program. Wirelessly connect the dAHLer engine tuning performance module to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the free dAHLer Mobile app.

This option allows you to change 3 different performance maps, and update the firmware worldwide as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps. If desired the extra power can be easily switched on or off with your smartphone, even while driving.

Our app includes a configurable warm-up timer, so the pilot can decide how long warming up is needed before using the engine tuning. A separate Mobile app purchase is not required!

Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for the BMW M4 Competition Convertible G83 is completely reversible to OEM specs and installs in less than 1 hour just in a few simple steps. This will be a safely upgrade which makes this the easiest and most effective power upgrade you will ever make on your new BMW M4 Competition Convertible G83. For a substantial increase in power output, with minimal downtime for installation, full serviceability, and can be reverted back to stock then this Engine Performance Tuning Module power upgrade for your new BMW M4 Convertible G83 is best!

Inside our dAHLer Engine Performance Tuning Module is an advanced control unit that is designed to optimize and work with the factory BMW ECU. The BMW M4 and M4 Competition maps and algorithms within the control unit have been elevated for this BMW engine, sending improved fuel and ignition parameters to the stock ECU to control boost depending on load, engine speed, and other factors.

Also included in the scope of delivery is an adapter which, when installed, returns the vehicle to its original state without having to remove the cable harness of the dAHLer engine performance upgrade. This can be used, for example, at a workshop appointment.

If BMW updates the computer software of the BMW M4 Competition Convertible G83 our Engine Performance Tuning Module is not lost or overwritten. This is where competitor tuning modules fall short! This is just another key aspect of our module because BMW is constantly releasing small software updates. All of the factory diagnostics and service access is retained.

The dAHLer Module is undetectable to plug-in diagnostic readers and it leaves no traces behind. A valet connector is included and installs in minutes to bypass the Module and revert the car to factory settings. With the valet plug installed the BMW engine computer will use the stock maps instead of getting modified data from the Engine Performance Tuning Module.

€ 2,528.90
incl 21% VAT

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