BMW, BMW M for F, G series - dAHLer Valve Controller with remote & memory functions

€ 641.30
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The dAHLer Valve Controller for BMW and BMW M cars F and G series is here to improve your driving experience with an awesome sound. 

The module was developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany and is a must have if you like to control the sound of your car. With the dAHLer Valve Controller installed you can manually open and close the standard built-in exhaust valve of your BMW at any time. It operates at the push of a button on the in delivery included remote control or can be programmed to your mirror buttons, so the system will be very well integrated.


Installation of the dAHLer Valve Controller in your BMW is easy and can be carried out by anyone with a little manual skill. The device is a direct plug in to the existing (OEM) harness. You pull out the original plug and connect it to the socket. The other plug is then connected to the socket on the exhaust flap and the connection is done.

The complete installation takes place in the trunk and under-body. You look for a cable duct or unused sealing plug that leads from the inside to the outside. Power supply comes directly from the original plugs and there is no need to lay cables through the interior of the vehicle or use the OBD connection. We recommend to get the installation done at our certified store in 3620 Lanaken, Belgium. 

Valve Controller Features: 

Start mode and memory function can be activated by remote control.

You can use the remote control to specify the function in which the vehicle should start. Or you can activate the memory function and the device always remembers the last driver’s setting even after an engine stop (100% OPEN or STOCK).


+ The dAHLer Valve Controller Module for BMW is undetectable to plug-in diagnostic readers and it leaves no traces behind.

+ If BMW updates the computer software, the dAHLer Valve Controller Module is not lost or overwritten.

+ As our Valve Controller Module operates as minimally in the vehicle as necessary, it does not does not leave an error message. When your car goes to the BMW workshop for maintenance, no errors appear on the DIS machine.

+ The system has been checked and is it not causing any damage to your vehicle. Each of the dAHler systems is individually checked for function after assembly and subjected to quality assurance. All Modules are made in Germany by a team of specialists at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

+ Our device is built to be safe from the ground up, so that it cannot interfere with the data bus.

+ The Module is permanently resistant from up -30° to +80° C (-22° to 176° F). As a rule, you don’t need any additional heat protection.

+ With the smart Valve Controller Module, one cannot close the exhaust flap permanently. This is for safety reasons as when driving at full throttle with the exhaust valve closed it could damage the engine in a long term.

€ 641.30
incl 21% VAT

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