BMW M3 G80, G81, M4 G82, G83 - dAHler CSL Style Front Grille

€ 750.20
incl 21% VAT

Fits 2020-2025 BMW M3 (G80 / G81) and BMW M4 (G82 / G83) -> CSL Inspired ABS black gloss full replacement kidney grille

This exquisite dAHler CSL Style Front Grille (replacement kidney grille made from high-grade ABS) is a beautiful work of art that fits perfectly onto your BMW. 

This is definitely one of those more dramatic transformative upgrades you can do to your M car. This complete replacement CSL Style Front Grille not only looks amazing, it is also aerodynamically designed to efficiently channel air and reduce drag. Form and function packed into one gorgeous and lightweight product that will definitely make you fall in love with your car all over again.

Each piece is finished in a gloss black clear coated finish to match other gloss black exterior components of your BMW and is ready for installation without the need of further paint or body work required. It can be maintained with ease just like the rest of paint on your BMW.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is no problem if your car is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control or ACC, as you can take off the required section of the CSL Style Front Grille to ensure the full function of the system (Adaptive cruise allows you to set the auto-follow speed for the car in front of you).

This front grille is a great first mod on anyone’s journey in the aftermarket world and truly adds quite a dynamic look to the stock BMW G8x M series.

We recommend to get this part installed at our official dAHler dealership (Frijns Unlimited BV, 3620 Lanaken, Belgium). 

€ 750.20
incl 21% VAT

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