dAHler - Anti-Theft System ATTC

€ 477.95
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dAHler Anti-Theft Throttle Commander – ATTC – for BMW, M, Hybrid and Electric cars. Works with all BMW F & G series!

Give your BMW or BMW M car a new way of anti-theft protection and at the same time a 10% quicker acceleration with the new dAHLer Anti-Theft Throttle Commander – ATTC.

The revolutionary dAHLer anti theft system comes with an Anti-Theft Mode, a Valet Mode, Power Pedal Mode and is a must have if you want to protect your BMW against theft. The module, wiring harness and remote (Anti-Theft System) can be installed in any BMW, BMW M, BMW Plug-in Hybrid and BMW Electric vehicle with an electronic gas pedal and is ready for use immediately after installation. It’s is a direct plug into the existing (OEM) harness at the accelerator pedal.

You control your dAHLer Anti-Theft Throttle Commander – ATTC with the included remote control unit without losing sight of the essentials.


The dAHLer Anti-Theft Throttle Commander disables the accelerator pedal on the next vehicle start. This makes it impossible to rev-up the engine without having the dAHLer remote control. criminals might be able to crack the signal, open the door, even start the engine and shift in gear, but this is where the story ends. They are unable to move the car. It is not necessary to activate the Anti-Theft mode again after each stop. The function remains activated by default until the function is deactivated again.


The throttle response of each Driving Mode is reduced by pressing the arrow buttons counter-clockwise for a lesser response or clockwise for a quicker throttle response.


Unfamiliar terrain and too much traffic‘ This mode lets you take it easy. Your gas pedal reacts less sensitively – especially when starting off. Your stress level will thank you.

ECO MODE (green)

There are a few tricks you can use to save fuel and money when driving. This driving program supports you in reducing the average fuel consumption of your BMW if certain rules of economical driving are observed.


This driving program gives your vehicle a much sportier character. Your BMW reacts with a significantly better response and a straighter acceleration. The response time of the engine is significantly improved.

TRACK MODE (purple)

If you are not yet satisfied with the sports program and you like to push yourself to the limit, then give it a try. For those who go on tracks or run cars with 85 Ethanol this mode might be the right choice.


The dAHLer Anti-Theft Throttle Commander comes with a Valet mode. The valet mode reduces the values ​​of the electronic accelerator pedal. Although the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, this corresponds to only a certain percentage of the normal value, depending on the setting.

This leads to a significant reduction in vehicle performance. You can see the individual settings in the diagram. This mode can be used when an inexperienced or unknown driver is using the vehicle. For example: Valet parking, Learner drivers, High-performance vehicles, Untrusted workshops
The valet mode starts with 75% of the stock values. The value is reduced by pressing the arrow buttons counter-clockwise. The value is increased by pressing the arrow buttons clockwise

€ 477.95
incl 21% VAT

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