BRABUS for Mercedes-Benz EQS

Tuning and styling parts for the Mercedes EQS

Create your unique electric luxury sedan with BRABUS’ exclusive, high-efficiency refinement range for the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Optimize the quality even further and equip your EQS with parts, such as: 

  • BRABUS Front Spoiler (only for AMG line) for EQS 
  • BRABUS Front add-on parts for EQS 
  • BRABUS Side Skirt add-on parts (only for AMG line) for EQS 
  • BRABUS Rear Diffuser (only for AMG line) for EQS 
  • BRABUS Rear Spoiler for EQS 

Did you know? If you turn your EQS into a BRABUS vehicle you can enjoy even more benefits besides the unique look: Extensive reference measurements in the wind tunnel found that the BRABUS exterior components improve the Cd value by a whopping 7.2 percent. The lower drag in turn reduces the driving resistance, which has a positive effect on the range, which the more streamlined shape increases by 7.0 percent on average in the speed range between 100 and 140 km/h. 

Questions? Contact us via mail or come by at our workshop in 3620 Lanaken, Belgium. We can offer you the complete service such as installation of the parts and transport for your vehicle.

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