The sporty RS models of the Skoda Octavia have a long tradition. While the first modern generation still had to make do with 180 HP, the second already had 200 HP and the actual generation usually offers 245 HP. The development department at ABT Sportsline has now implemented an even greater performance leap.

The ABT Engine Control module, however, is the heart of the upgrade, wringing the enormous power of 290 HP (213 kW) from the 2.0 TSI. "Our auxiliary ABT Engine Control unit adds an extra 45 HP to the already quite potent Octavia," explains CEO Hans-J├╝rgen Abt: "This allows it to stand up even to much larger vehicles on the freeway." The ABT Power boost therefore delivers an impressive 290 HP (213 kW). At the same time, the maximum torque is increased from 370 Nm to 410 Nm.

But for the current Skoda Octavia (NX00) ABT also offers ABT Power for the 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TDI. The strongest diesel with 200 HP (147 kW), which is also available as an RS model, receives an increase to an impressive 230 HP (169 kW). The maximum torque increases from 400 Nm to 440 Nm, making the diesel even stronger than the gasoline RS model in this respect.

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