Anyone who no longer wants to choose between a sports coupé, off-road vehicle or touring saloon has it easy:

With the new Audi Q8 in particular, no more compromises are made between sportiness, comfort and off-road capability. With a total length of 4.97 m, it is 6.6 cm shorter than its brand brother Q7, but its somewhat flatter and wider exterior makes it particularly athletic.

The specially developed auxiliary control unit ABT Engine Control (AEC) gets additional Power out of the all-rounder: 68 HP more for both the Q8 55 TFSIe and the Q8 60 TFSIe! With systempower of 448 HP for the 55 TFSIe, 530 HP for the 60 TFSIe and a torque of 650 Nm for both versions, the Q8 leaves nothing to be desired.

Check out the customized Bodykits we offer for this beast!

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