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ABT Sportsline, founded in 1896, has evolved from a horsecarriage repair shop to a leading automotive tuning specialist for Audi, Lamborghini, Cupra, Skoda and Volkswagen cars. ABT is known for high-performance modifications that enhance power, handling, and aesthetics. Frijns Unlimited is official importer for ABT Sportsline tuning parts in Belgium. 

What sets ABT apart is its unique commitment to customer satisfaction. The company takes over the engine warranty for cars not older than two years and with fewer than 100,000 kilometers, showcasing confidence in the reliability of their modifications.

ABT's tuning packages include comprehensive upgrades such as engine enhancements, suspension improvements, and distinctive design elements. The company's focus on quality ensures that each tuned vehicle not only performs exceptionally but also stands out on the road.

As only official dealer for ABT in Belgium we can ship the parts to you quickly. Or you can make use of our service to directly install the ABT parts on your car in our 1400 qm workshop in 3620 Lanaken, Belgium.

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