What is XPEL?

XPEL Paint Protection Film, or PPF is a clear, self-healing film for a car's paint. It's made from an invisible urethane material that's designed to resist scratches, stone chips and scuffs. The film is applied or to the whole car or to the most vulnerable areas of your car such as the engine hood, bumpers, fenders and mirrors. 

What sets XPEL PPF apart from other paint protection films is that it is custom-cut for your car. This allows it to seamlessly blend in with the car's body lines, providing maximum coverage and protection without seeing the layer of PPF. At Frijns Unlimited, we install XPEL in a dust-free room equipped with dust filters. We also use steam when installing the PPF to ensure perfect adhesion to your car.  

XPEL is available in a glossy or matte finish - so it fits perfect for both a shiny and a matte car paint. This film is not only gloss enhancing and hydrophobic, but above all self-healing and scratch resistant. XPEL Paint Protection Film is a perfect way to preserve your car's paint for years and make sure it's protected from most of the harm caused on the road.

The benefits of the XPEL Paint Protection Film:

  • Self-healing: If the film gets scratched, it will heal itself in just a few minutes. Minor scratches will disappear and keep your car's paint looking just as good as new.
  • Scratch resistant: One of the biggest benefits of the XPEL PPF is its protection from harmful elements. You can rest assured that your car's paint will be protected from debris and other hazards.
  • Long-lasting protection: XPEL PPF is designed to last for several years. With proper care and maintenance, it will protect your car up to 10 years.
  • UV protection: The PPF film provides protection agains UV rays and prevents your car's paint from fading and losing its shine over time.
  • Easy Surface Maintenance: Due to its water-repellent top layer, the XPEL PPF is incredibly easy to clean. A simple wash and dry is all it needs to keep your car's paint looking new.

XPEL gives a warranty of 10 years from the date of initial installation and covers defects such as: yellowing, cracking, blistering and delaminating. So you can enjoy peace of mind and the great look of your car at the same time. Check out more info about the XPEL Warranty.   


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Check out the following video to see how we install XPEL Paint Protection Film on this brand new BMW 750e in our dust-free cabin:



What XPEL PPF Options are there? 

XPEL Ultimate Plus  

ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible urethane film with a glossy finish that protects your car’s paint from everyday damage such as scuffs, scratches, stone chips and more. XPEL can also be installed on the interior parts of your car such as dashbord, middle console and doors. This keeps your interior free of fine scratches, swirls and stains with XPEL’s latest interior protection solutions.

XPEL Stealth

STEALTH is the paint protection film specially formulated to protect matte paint. Or give your glossy paint a whole new look by installing XPEL STEALTH!

XPEL Window Protection 

The latest invention is the window protection from XPEL. It protects the window and you have a clear view. Also, you can use the windshield wiper without any restriction. 

Do I see the XPEL PPF on my car? 

XPEL is overplotted by default and we ensure that, whenever possible, the XPEL film is placed around the edges of the car. With this option we will not disassemble the car (except for the door handles if necessary). We aim to install the vinyl as invisible as possible, however there may be small running lines visible in some areas, where the film cannot be placed differently without dismantling parts.

What parts of my car can be protected with the XPEL PPF?

Full body

Your entire car is protected from both everyday issues and road stone chips. You no longer have to worry about the paint losing value. 


Your car will be protected on the stone chips spots with the Front package.  

  • Full hood  
  • Front bumper  
  • Full fenders  
  • A-pillars and front side of the roof  
  • Headlights  
  • Side mirrors 

Of course each package can be expanded and customized according to your preferences.

How do I maintain the XPEL PPF to enjoy its benefits for a long time?

To maintain the quality of XPEL we have carefully constructed our XPEL Maintenance handguide. 

After the installation of both a Carwrap or Paint Protection Film, we strongly advise to not wash your car for the first 14 days. Only after 14 days the adhesion is complete, and you can wash the car according to the steps in the XPEL Maintenance Handbook. 

You’ll find the XPEL Maintenance Handbook here

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