Transform your Range Rover with matte XPEL

Transform your Range Rover with matte XPEL

Check out one of our latest projects: This Range Rover changed its look completely AND is now fully protected for the road. Thanks to XPEL Paint Protection Film, the originally glossy car is now an absolute head-turner as it was protected with a matte paint protection film. 

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This Range Rover, a symbol of opulence and performance, underwent a transformative experience at our workshop in Lanaken. The XPEL Paint Protection Film, known for its durability and self-healing properties, now adornd the vehicle, forming an invisible shield against road debris, stone chips, bug splatter and harsh weather condition. 

Precision in every layer

Frijns Unlimited's Installation process is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The company boasts a dust-free room where each car is treated with the utmost care. Our skilled professionals apply the XPEL film to ever

y curve and contour of the Range Rover, ensuring seamless protection without compromising its aesthetic appeal. 

You want to transform your car with Frijns Unlimited! Get in touch with us and unleash the true potential of your car. 

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After applying XPEL: The Range Rover is covered with a matte, transparent and self-healing protection 
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