The Audi RS6 GT with ABT Upgrades

The Audi RS6 GT with ABT Upgrades

Power Boost and exclusive rims for the Audi RS6 GT - don't miss out on this! In an exciting development for automotive enthusiasts, ABT Sportsline has introduces a range of exclusive upgrades for the latest Audi RS6 GT, enhancing both its performance and aesthetic appeal.

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 The renowned tuning company for Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and Cupra has unveiled a potent combination of ABT Power Upgrades and exclusive rims designed specifically for this high-performance model. 

Power S and Power R Upgrades: Elevating Performance to new heights 

ABT Sportsline's Power Upgrades promise to take the already impressive Audi RS6 GT to unprecedented levels of performance. The Power S packages deliverd a substantial increase in horsepower from 630hp to 720 hp and 950 Nm. Meanwhile, the Power R Upgrade takes things even a step further, optimizing various engine components to achieve an even more exhilarating driving experience. The Power R pushes the Audi RS6 GT from 630hp to 740hp and 950 Nm. 

Exclusive rims in black or white for a unique look

To complement the enhanced performance, ABT Sportsline now offers HR22 rims in black or white design, providing the Audi RS6 GT owners with an opportunity to customize their vehicle's appearance. The meticulously crafted rims not only add a touch of elegance but also contribute to the car's aerodynamics, ensuring a perfect blend of style and functionality. 

Get in touch with us for more information via info@frijnsunlimited.com and check out the Flyer for the Audi RS6 GT ABT. 

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