Unleashing the Beast: Novitec's ultimate upgrade for the Ferrari 296 GTB

Unleashing the Beast: Novitec's ultimate upgrade for the Ferrari 296 GTB

From carbon bodywork for stunning looks to a 868 hp twin-turbo V6 engine, there is no detail left untouched. Precision-designed aerodynamics, exclusive interior options, and sleek Vossen wheels complete the transformation. Are you ready to #UnleashTheBeast?

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The Ferrari 296 GTB has already captured the hearts of sports car enthusiasts, and now, with NOVITEC's innovative touch, it's reaching new heights of performance and style!

Hybrid Power Meets Precision Design: NOVITEC's exposed-structure carbon bodywork components not only give the 296 GTB a jaw-dropping appearance but also enhance aerodynamics for optimized handling stability at high speeds. 

Performance Boost: Under the hood, NOVITEC and Vossen join forces to deliver a tailor-made 21/22-inch tire/wheel combo, ensuring the perfect fusion of form and function. Add a coilover suspension, and you've got a recipe for dynamic handling that's second to none! 

Turbocharged Thrills: NOVITEC takes the hybrid drive to the next level with a professional upgrade for the twin-turbo V6 engine. The result? An extra 38 horsepower, pushing the system output to a mind-blowing 868 hp!

Exquisite Interior Options: But it's not just about speed – NOVITEC's exclusive interior options add the perfect finishing touch, ensuring your Ferrari experience is as luxurious as it is exhilarating! 

Sleek Aerodynamics: The NOVITEC designers have meticulously crafted exposed-structure carbon components, including a lip spoiler and ducktail rear spoiler, to achieve an optimal aerodynamic balance. The result? Full-blooded racing looks that turn heads on and off the track! 

Hi-Tech Composite: From diffuser to side sections, every inch of the rear fascia is crafted from hi-tech composite, while carbon touches on mirrors and air intakes add that extra sporty flair. 

Precision Wheels by Vossen: To maximize wheel arch space, Vossen designed the sleek NOVITEC NF11 wheels, ensuring the perfect union of style and function. 

Are you ready to elevate your Ferrari experience to unparalleled heights? #NOVITEC296GTB #FerrariUpgrade #UnleashTheBeast 


Source: www.novitecgroup.com


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