Maintenance instructions for your car!

We recommend washing your car one- to two-weekly to prevent excessive soiling. Washing your car scratch free is best achieved by working according to the 2 bucket method. One bucket for clean water and one for dirty water. We do not recommend going to an automated car wash, using hand car wash brushes and using detergents with high pH levels. While doing so, also avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaks and calcium spots.  

Should you have any further questions or interest in our products and/or services, please feel free to contact us via email info@frijnsunlimited.com or by phone at +32 493 59 39 69. Frijns Unlimited also offers laundry cards. You can then contact our professionals for regular washes. Need more information? Please contact us by mail or phone.

Carwrap / PPF

After the installation of both a Carwrap or Paint Protection Film, we strongly advise against washing your car for the first 14 days. Only after 14 days the adhesion is complete and you can wash the car according to the steps below.

Ceramic coating

After applying a Ceramic Coating, you should avoid friction, water contact and chemicals as much as possible for the first 7 days. This means that the car should NOT be washed. Removing small spots of bird droppings is allowed, do this very carefully with no pressure and with as little friction as possible, for this you can use CARPRO Elixer. For larger spots we recommend contacting us.  After the first 7 days you can wash the car according to the steps below.

With a Ceramic Coating we recommend an annual maintenance treatment. During this treatment we check and restore the properties of the ceramic coating.

Maintenance products

We are convinced of the effect of Carpro products and therefore gladly recommend them for your car. These are available at our business location in 3620 Lanaken or you can order them through our webshop. We also recommend using a pressure washer to spray your car.

Step 1: Rims and tires

Start your washing process by cleaning the tires and rims. We recommend the CAPRO IronX for this. Allow the product to soak in according to the instructions. While it is soaking in, spray and scrub the tires with CARPRO Retyre. Then use a wash mitt such as the Carpro Wheelsmitt, detail brush or a rim brush such as the Wheel woolie to clean the rim from the inside. We recommend always using the rim brush and wash mitt in a separate bucket of shampoo-water. After cleaning, spray the rim thoroughly with the high-pressure sprayer.

Featured products:

  • CARPRO IronX - Removes brake dust and fly rust
  • CARPRO Retyre - All Purpose Cleaner for cleaning tires
  • Wheel Woolies - Safe, wool rim brushes (ideal for multi-spoke rims or tight spaces such as near calipers)
  • Carpro Wheelsmitt - Mircofiber wash mitt, special for rims and tires 
  • Tyre Brush - Tyre brush

Step 2: Pre-wash

After cleaning the rims and tires, proceed to the pre-wash. This pre-wash serves to loosen and remove as much dirt as possible before you begin the hand-wash. You start the pre-wash by spraying your car with the pressure washer. Then spray the car completely with CARPRO Lift using a foam cannon. Allow this product to work in according to the instructions on the product. After this you spray the car completely with the pressure washer. We recommend this pre-wash because it significantly reduces the risk of scratches and swirls during the hand wash.

Featured products:

Step 3: Handwash

When hand washing, we recommend using 2 Wash Buckets with Grit Guard grids, one with shampoo water and one with clean rinse water. We recommend using CARPRO Reset to shampoo. Take the CARPRO Dabdab Wash Pad and wet it in the shampoo bucket. Start the hand wash with the roof of the car and work in straight lines only. Do not put too much pressure with the wash mitt! Clean the glove at each panel in the clean water bucket and wet again with the shampoo water. Work from top to bottom, finishing with the lower parts of the car. Then hose off the car completely with the pressure washer. After rinsing, we recommend spraying the car with CARPRO Hydro2Lite for a Hydrophobic coating that lasts up to 3 months. Use according to the instructions on the product.

Featured products:

Step 4: Drying off

For drying, we recommend the CARPRO Dhydrate drying cloth. Dry the car without applying pressure. Use a second CARPRO microfiber cloth to dry the door jambs. You can blow dry the corners and cracks (mirrors, grill,...) if you have compressed air or a blower. If you do not have this you can dry them as best you can with the microfiber cloth

Featured products:

Step 5: Finishing touch

Note - this step is not necessary if you have used the CARPRO Hydro2Lite spray in step 3.

After each wash you can use the CARPRO Elixir detail spray to apply a gloss enhancing and hydrophobic coating to the car, which will last for about a month. This spray should be repeated after every wash. The CARPRO Elixir is the perfect spray for maintaining your Ceramic Coating.

Featured products:

For more tips and information, please feel free to contact us. Our professionals will be happy to help you or explain more.

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