What is Detailing?  

Let us work on the details of your car (the name says it all).... and bring your car back to its maximum shine with our polishing treatments. Detailing goes beyond a regular car wahs. It involves cleaning and polishing of the exterior and interior of the car. However, the Detailing package can be expanded and customized according to your preferences.  
Wheter you have a new car and just want to enhance the "New Car Look" or you have an Oldtimer that requires a more intensive treatment with multiple polishing steps - we will help you choose the best option for your car. To keep your car's paint in perfect condition, we offer a high-quality ceramic coating to seal the paint. The biggest advantage: it makes cleaning your car super easy.      
Our goal is to get your car in the best possible condition and as scratch-free as possible. A perfect end result is our biggest motivation - which is why we only use top quality products.    

What do we offer? 

The ‘Unlimited Detailing’:  With this treatment we bring your car back to the "Showroom look". We polish your car in several steps (depending on the condition of your car's paint) to get the most out of the paint: maximum scratch removal and deep shine. Let your car shine again!   

The 'New Car Detailing':  Every new car has smaller or bigger scratches or swirls (due to washing and transport). This package gives your car's paint a significant boost in just one day to restore its shine. The paint gets a thorough polishing treatment, removing light scratches and oxidation, while deeper scratches will bevome considerably less visible. By applying a sealant on the paint, we give your new car the finishing touch. 

The 'Interior Detailing':  The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior - that's why we provide comprehensive interior cleaning services, addressing window residue, upholstery staind, and refreshing leather interiors. Get in touch for a non-binding quote tailored to your needs. 

What's a Ceramic Coating? 

The CARPRO Ceramic Coating is the most innovative permanent paint seal. Unlike a wax coating, it does NOT wash away, A Ceramic Coating makes the surface of your car's paint easier to clean, thanks to it's highly hydrophobic surface. When properly maintained, a Ceramic Coating has a life span of up to 5 years. If you come by once a year for a Fresh Up Treatment, you even have life-long warranty.    

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating:

  • Highly scratch resistant: Ceramic coatings form a hard, protective layer that safeguards the original underlying surfaces. It cannot be removed by washing or degreasing.
  • Extra dirt and water repellent: Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic layer, water is repelled and forms droplets that easily roll off the surface.
  • Protection against various weather conditions: The ceramic layer shields the surface from the damaging effects, such as UV rays, acid rain and salt.
  • Protection against animal residues and insects: Due to the smooth and protective properties of the ceramic coating, animal residues like bird droppings and insect remnants are less likely to adhere to the surface, making cleaning easier and minimizing damage to the paint.

Overall, a ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection for various surfaces, making them last longer and more resistant to daily wear and tear and harmful environmental elements.


To protect the quality of your car, we have carefully compiled our Maintenance Manual. Here you can read the maintenance for both coated cars, carwrap and Paint Protection Film. Also listed here are our most recommended products.   

Click here to read our maintenance manual! 


We use the high quality products of CARPRO. Carpro is the leader in the professional detailing market. CarPro was the first developer of nanotechnology detailing products. Its progressive vision and leading technologies enabled the brand to bring several coatings to market, such as the various C.Quartz coatings, even before it became known in the Western Hemisphere. From interior coatings and cleaners to ceramic coatings, CarPro has it all.  

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XPEL Protection & Detailing 

Check out this Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT's Transformation 

🚿✨ Dive into the ultimate car care experience! Witness the breathtaking transformation of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT as we kick off with a thorough wash and precision polishing, erasing every scratch and imperfection. 

💎 Scratch-Free Brilliance: Our meticulous detailing process ensures the Cayenne Turbo GT regains its showroom shine. From careful washing to precision polishing, scratches become a thing of the past, unveiling the car's true brilliance. 

🔍 XPEL Paint Protection: We take it up a notch by applying XPEL, the gold standard in paint protection films. Watch as we create an invisible shield, safeguarding the Cayenne Turbo GT from road debris and preserving its flawless finish. 

💫 Ceramic Coating Finale: The grand finale features the application of a premium ceramic coating, enhancing gloss, and providing long-lasting protection. The Cayenne Turbo GT is now not only scratch-free but boasts a lustrous, showroom-worthy exterior.

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